Room Description

This standard room is located on the western side of the Eco-friendly house to the side of the snow capped Mountains of the Mighty Mt. Kanchendzonga Range. The room is located at the centre of the house in the first floor where a small common sitting area is also there in the eastern direction. One has to enter the room from the eastern side and can find the washroom in the south-west corner. The total area of the room is approximately 190sq ft.

It has the following features:

  • 12mm thick thermal insulation with 3mm woollen wall to wall carpets on the floor for protection against the biting cold.
  • Wall panelling with one of the strongest bamboos (Mal Baas) of the state.
  • The twin cots are made up of the costliest timber wood locally called Rani Chaanp generally used for furniture in Sikkim.
  • Bamboo (mal baas) furnished luggage rack and shoe rack. Mini wardrobe also available.
  • Suitably decorated ceiling with mal baas mat all across.
  • Intercom & call-bell facilities are supported with Central eco-friendly solar water heating system.
  • All the illumination is done with eco-friendly and energy saving LED lights/T.V.
  • The washrooms are comfortably sized and finished with marble/ceramic tiles with hot and cold water available 24hrsx7days.
  • Thermos flask with hot water to suit the cold climatic condition.

The name “Pothi Dhunga” means “Hen shaped rock”. There is a peak above Ravongla which is 10000 ft above the MSL where people from all across come for trekking. It is believed that reaching the peak thrice eliminates all your evil deeds in your lifetime.

Bhaley Dhunga, Pothi Dhunga & Mainam peak are in the vicinity of up above the hill from Ravongla. Among them Mainam peak is the highest having its altitude of around 12000ft which can be trekked within 3-4 hours from Ravongla keeping in mind that it is an uphill trek. One can easily locate the plains of North Bengal (Bagdogra, Siliguri) using powerful binoculars on a clear sunny morn. These are very famous trekking trails of our state. There is much folklore stating that these peaks warned the locals prior to any natural disaster.