Hotel Ravongla Star

Hotel Ravongla Star as an idea was conceived way back in the year 1990 when the founder viewed the town from the Mainamla peak, after a successful trek and a night camping, the natural beauty and magnificence of the surrounding areas was the biggest inspiration. As an endeavour to share the priceless natural beauty of the town the idea was further given strength with subsequent visits in the following years further strengthening the resolve and giving greater inspiration and the process of promoting Ravongla as a tourist destination was initiated. The reasons of growth and Ravongla being a sub-divisional town there were investments from the Government going on simultaneously and a Power Colony garden was set-up, the necessity of a hotel in the town had slowly begun to increase. A humble beginning of the construction was initiated with budget constraints and economic constraints, the construction began with the collection of materials and an architect guiding. The earlier single slab and single plot residential house of the owners was expanded to a twin plot and with addition of other floor 10 rooms were created, with a scope for further expansion. Hotel Ravongla Star first started its operations in the year 2001, with a humble beginning of 10 rooms, it was a necessity then and there were few hotels in Ravongla and the tourist and visitors had just started to trickle in. Ravongla was a fledgling and so was Hotel Ravongla Star then. The 10 rooms were in operation for a span of eight years and the process of expansion was initiated in the year 2012 and the concept of addition of new rooms was conceived. The expansion was completed in the year 2014 and the new 10 rooms also began their operation in the month of May.


To be a pioneer in the hotel industry and set an example for hospitality and service in the industry.


We believe in the concept “atithi devo bhava”, guest is god. With this belief we will achieve growth and sustainability using our most valued assets, our employees. The concern for our employees, their welfare, their career advancement is among our top priorities. The provision of the best of services and hospitality to our most valued guests and customers by the use of eco-friendly features and ethical business practices. The showcasing of our rich culture by preserving what is bestowed on us through nature.