There are many organic shoots which we use to eat them in so many ways which are locally available in low, Medicine and High altitude of hilly region. We take them in different forms like vegetable, soups, pickles. They serve the purpose of  starter as well as main course. Most of them also have medicinal values. The table below may assist us to have general ideas of organic shoots available in foot hills of Sikkim:-

1. GAURI BET Vegetable , Pickle August- September Helpful in diabetes Bitter
2. PHYAKRE Vegetable , Pickle August- October Helpful in diabetes
3. PARYANG Vegetable , Pickle August-October
4. NIGALO Vegetable , Pickle July-August
5. KATHA BAAS June- August
6. CHOYA BAAS July- September Mesu soar
7. THOTNEY Pickles April- June Stomach problem Sour
8. NIGURES Vegetable, Soup May- September Believed to be good for brain
9. KUKOOR DIANE Vegetable, Pickle May- August Diabetes & stomach problem Bitter
10. GURJO(GELOYI) Vegetables April- June Diabetes & stomach problem Bitter
11. GUDAR GUNO Vegetables April- June Diabetes & stomach problem Bitter
12. CHINDEY Vegetable & Pickle April – June Stomach
13. TITEY KARELA Shoots Vegetables April- August Diabetes Bitter
14. GWADHE Vegetable & Pickle April – August Intestine Smells
15. CHUCHE KARELA Vegetables April – August
16. DUDH MANE Vegetable & Soup May – August
17. PUMPKIN SHOOTS Vegetables May – August
18. SQUASH SHOOTS Vegetable& Soup April- August
19. NEEVA Vegetables August-October
20 GOPEY Vegetables August-October
21. SEEGANEY Vegetables August-October
22. MALINGO Vegetables August-October
23. RAYO KO DUKU Vegetables January- April

Above edible shoots are mostly found in seasons. Some of them are green whereas some give solid yellowish, white colour ,some are found in high altitude & some are in medium & low altitude. But they are mostly found in organic form which matches with our endeavour to serve organic eatables in our Roots & Shoots restaurant.
Thus the name ROOTS & SHOOTS.